Services Offered

Lawlor LandUse can provide comprehensive project planning from the early stages of your project including strategic and tactical implementation to all phases of real estate development process. We can tailor our services to your needs whether your project is a simple bedroom addition or complex subdivision. Our extensive local contacts can provide guidance in the early stages of project conception to save time and money.

Planning and Building Permit Processing

  • "First look"/Project Feasibility

  • New Construction

  • Remodels and Additions

  • Accessory/"Granny" units

  • Garage conversions and second floor additions

  • Residential and Commercial Use Permits

Owner Representation

  • Project Management (Design, Bidding, and Construction)

  • Financial feasability and pro-forma analysis

  • Local Political Consulting

  • Meeting with county staff

  • "Red Tag" resolution

  • Public hearings

  • Neighborhood meetings

  • Homeowner associations

Project/Design and Construction Team Management

  • Architect and design team selection and supervision

  • Design development

  • Construction supervision

  • Bidding and Budgets

  • Scheduling

  • Contract and scope review

Subdivision and Minor Land Division Approval

  • Preliminary site feasibility

  • Design consultation

  • Site capacity
    -  What can you build on your property?
    -  What will the City or County allow you to do with your property?

  • Lot splits

  • Use permits

  • Lot line adjustments

  • Minor Land Divisions

  • Subdivisions

  • Commercial Projects

Land Use and Development Consulting

  • Feasibility studies

  • Site selection

  • Cost/benefit analysis

  • Coastal Commission Issues

Public/Private Partnerships

  • Redevelopment Agency Contacts

  • Non-Profit Contacts